Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Watch: Pen Pineapple Apple Pen PPAP Dance Tutorial by Piko Taro Himself

The viral PPAP or "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Dance" by Piko Taro, a character played by Japanese comedian and DJ Kosaka Daimaou, swept the Internet by storm when it went online a few days ago.

A lot of people are now in the craze for PPAP and they can't seem to get over it, once they watch (or hear the music) it. Some say, it is one of the songs that you cannot get out of your head. You cannot simply "unheard" it. Once you watch or listen to it, it's there to linger for a very long time.

ppap dance tutorial video

Alright, let us get into the point very quickly! Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Dance video is all over the web now and there are already quite a lot of covers of it.

Even Justin Bieber got hooked into it. Today, he posted on Twitter saying it is his "favorite video on the Internet", followed by at least eight laughing emoticons.

Justin Bieber favorite video on internet

As of writing this post, it already has about 35k Retweets and 61k Likes. (Source:

Interestingly, the Piko Taro man himself released a yet another funny video trying to teach people how to do the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Dance, thus we got PPAP dance tutorial.
How to Dance to #PPAP? Dance tutorial!

Now if you are one of those infected by the PPAP song / dance phenomenon, you can now study and learn how to dance to it.

The famous Pen Pineapple Apple Pen thing is here to stay for quite a long time. At least, I guess for a lot of people around the world to chill despite loads of stressful things in their lives.

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You would not know, PPAP could be your next best and maybe favorite thing.

Source: Piko-Taro (FB Page), Twitter, Billboard

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Menstruation Man: Neighbors Called Him Pervert, His Wife Left Him But 5 Years After..

Mr. Muruga who is also known as India's "Menstruation Man" went through a lot while he was trying to fulfill a noble intention to help his wife and eventually, women in India in dealing with their menstrual hygiene the cheaper way.

His intention to solve a problem that is perennial in his area almost shattered himself, but he was persistent. He was determined to make a statement. He wanted to prove, firstly to his wife (to impress her) and to the people in his land that he is up for something big that will make women's life easier than before. At least, concerning their personal monthly period issues.

Muruga the menstruation man of India

He was even called by his neighbors a pervert but that did not stop him from going further.

Kudos to this video that we found on Facebook a few months ago! At the outset, it has the following line:
300 million Indian women can't afford safe menstrual hygiene products.
At least 1 in 5 Indian girls drop out of school due to menstruation.
Then here comes Muruga. He decided to make his own cheaper sanitary pads.

The start of his journey was rough. He was laughed at. He was ridiculed. But because of his iron determination, he reached the beautiful place where he is living the good life at the moment -- united with his wife.

Watch the video documentary below and learn from Muruga's roller coaster kind of struggle.

Source: Al Jazeera English Facebook page

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why Scientists Are Worried After The Release of Movie 'Finding Dory'

Scientists are kind of worried after the release of the movie "Finding Dory" by Walt Disney Pictures, stating it may lead to a demand for blue tangs as pets.

Finding Dory is a 3D computer-animated comedy adventure film that was produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It was both written and directed by Andrew Stanton.

Dory played by Ellen DeGeners is a sequel to the 2003 film "Finding Nemo".

finding dory movie poster

Now scientists are a bit bothered by the kind of excitement that the movie generates; It could possibly increase the demand for blue tangs as pets, whereas they are very difficult to raise in captivity.

The percieved demand could mean that many of the tangs will be taken from their natural habitat; It will threaten their population, the scientists expressed.

Fact is, after the release of the similar movie "Finding Nemo", clownfish sales rose to as much as 40 percent. Sadly, they were being harvested unsustainably.

That was not the first case where animal populations were somewhat influenced by movies.

Dalmatians became popular after the release of "101 Dalmatians".

People's demand for owls as pets increased while "Harry Potter" films are shown.

The same thing happened to turtles. The sales grew after the release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

So instead of just finding Dory, might as well help him protect and preserve his population. Save Dory!

Source: National Geographic, Facebook

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Guy Without Hands Creates Awesome Miniature Tricycle Models

This guy with an obvious disability - no hands, amazed netizens with his top craftsmanship in making miniature tricycle models.

Tricycles are among the many para-transit vehicles being as public transportation mode in the Philippines.

His intricate work is such a thing to inspire many of us who possess complete set of hands. At times, we even feel like complaining because of the minor discomforts in life while performing our daily tasks at hand. But look at this hardworking guy! He got no fingers to assist him to work on the nifty details of those "pedibox" models, and yet he comes up with an incredible product.

tricycle scale model by handicap guy in dumaguete city

Quite unfortunately, the guy's name is still unknown until the time of writing this post. I hope someone will do the courtesy of interviewing him and ask his name, and perhaps get a little bit of a background.

According to known photographer Denniz Futalan, whose photos of the talented guy in action appear below, the impressive scale model items can be found and bought at the Art Workshop of Susan Canoy, which is located at the 2nd floor of Robinsons Place Dumaguete.

Customers may also find the same products at Ct Limit Digital Electronic Service Center located at the corner of San Jose and Maria Cristina Streets, Dumaguete City.

Futalan featured a series of photos of the guy on his Facebook account on June 2, 2016, as embedded below:

tricycle scale model by handicap guy in dumaguete city
Photo credit: Denniz Futalan

tricycle scale model by handicap guy in dumaguete city
Photo credit: Denniz Futalan

tricycle scale model by handicap guy in dumaguete city
Photo credit: Denniz Futalan

tricycle scale model by handicap guy in dumaguete city
Photo credit: Denniz Futalan

Futalan's photos were already featured by Top Gear Philippines. There is also a feature article posted by Buzzflare.

Dumaguete City is situated in Central Visayas, Philippines. It is a component city in the province of Negros Oriental. The city is also called "The City of Gentle People".

Share this article and let this guy become known to the world. He is such an inspiration! Don't you agree?

Source: Denniz Futalan, Buzzflare, Top Gear Philippines

Thursday, June 2, 2016

4 Cute Kittens Listen to a Malaysian Busker Who Was About to go Home

Malaysian Busker Was About to Go Home When These Cute Little Kittens Showed up to Listen!

Somewhere in the streets of Pangkor in Malaysia, a Malaysian busker was about to call it a day as not many people came to witness his performance.

Having a difficult night where you expect to take home some decent bucks is surely a disappointment. Most people would rather feel devastated than inspired for the next round of the struggle.

That's what was about to befall the Malaysia busker, but in the most amazing way, the four little cute kittens were able to save him from becoming a victim.

kittens listen to malaysian busker

As the street singer was about to pack up, he decided to give it one last try. He sat up and sang one song just for the fun of it; Perhaps, to lighten what he was feeling at that moment.

Surprisingly, the kittens came up and sat in front of him, seemingly feeling the vibes and listen to the singer's one last tune to let go. They appeared like they wanted to cheer the guy up and lighten his feelings.

The video was taken on April 24. It was taken by the singer's friend.
My friend just finished his busking on that night but not many people heard him sing.
He was feeling upset, then he sits and relaxes and sings the song just for fun.
Suddenly, the kittens (three-months-old) come and sit in front of him. 
They were my kittens; it's like [they] know his feeling and give him support.
Watch the video:

What a cute scene, isn't it?

Source: Telegraph, Youtube

Thursday, May 26, 2016

She Doesn't Like School so She Called Demolition Experts Asking That Her School be Demolished

8-Year-Old Irish Girl's Prank Call Asking Her School to be Demolished is so Cute and Funny. Find out why!

This 8-year-old Irish girl tried to carry out a prank call to the demolition experts in Dublin to ask if it is possible for her school to be demolished, better if her teachers are all in there during the conduct of it.

The conversation between the girl and the experts were recorded on audio. The crews laughed hysterically at what they have heard.

Irish girl prank calls dublin demolition experts

While it would be a different case if the caller was not a minor, prank calls may have undesirable results. They can be regarded as criminal acts or offenses. Now a days, it is kind of difficult to determine the differences between pranks and real life situations.

So a note to oneself - act responsibly.

In any case, listen to this little girl trying to convince the demolition experts to knock her school down.

Here's the audio:

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Arnell Ignacio Gives Advice to Bishops Verbally Attacking Pres. Duterte

Arnell Ignacio or Arnell Arevalo Ignacio is a TV personality, comedian and a veteran actor in the Philippines. He worked in several broadcasting networks in the country, including RPN, GMA Network, ABS-CBN, and now TV5.

Just recently, a lot of issues concerning the Philippine bishops criticizing the newly elected President, Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte, the then Mayor of Davao City in Mindanao, Southern Philippines have been swarming the mainstream media.

Duterte, known for his being a tough talker is not the man to throw allegations on. He is expected to retaliate the same way, at the dose you brought things up.

Arnell Ignacio advises archbishops

Statements against  Pres. Duterte have been all over the place ever since he came into the election scene. What is happening at the moment is some sort of thing like:

"Archbishops vs. Rodrigo Duterte"

At least, that's what we can come up as an immediate impression.

Arnell Ignacio on Archbishops Issuing Negative Statements on Pres. Duterte: Here's the video posted by Arnell on his Facebook account on May 25 (Wed):

Are you a follower of the catholic church? What are your opinions on this hot controversy involving your bishops and the newly elected President Duterte?

If you got anything to say, please do not hesitate to hit the comment box below.

Source: Facebook

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jeric Raval 'Found Dead in His Condo' Hoax Circulates Online

Filipino action star Jeric Raval succumbed to a social media hoax, wherein he is said to be found dead inside his condominium. The death hoax is also being spread throughout Facebook pages in the past hours or so.

"Rest in Peace Jeric Raval" phrase maybe roaming around Facebook groups at the moment, but until official news outlets post relevant article, do not try to click any link that you may see being passed around by your Facebook friends.

Jeric Raval cause of death

You could be dragged into a phishing site where your personal information and privacy could be put to a compromise. Worse, your computer could be infected by a virus.

The hoax could be on Twitter as well, so be warned!

Jeric Raval is a 90s actor. He was born on September 30, 1970. He is well-known for his trademark leather jacket and shiny leather pants, which can be seen in his movies back then.

Raval is an action star. He has been in several Philippine action movies from 1990's to the early years of 2000.

Some of his movies are the following:

  1. Anghel dela Guardia
  2. Barkada walang atrasan
  3. Eksperto sa Laban
  4. Victor Meneses: Dugong Palaban
  5. Pistolero
  6. Lapu Lapu
  7. Nagmula Sa Lupa
  8. Bala ko ang bahala sa iyo
  9. Tubog sa Apoy
  10. Sagot ko na ang buhay mo
  11. Estribo Gang (The Jinggoy Sese Story)
  12. Bunso: Isinilang Kang Palaban

If you try to Google search "Jeric Raval Dead", a phrase "Jeric Raval cause of death" will prompt up in the search suggestion box. Perhaps, netizens' became curious of the malicious issue since the hoax surfaced online.

This phenomenon has been happening for quite sometime already. A lot of celebrities, foreign and local alike had become victims of it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Viral 'Tatlong Bibe' Children Song Gets a cappella Cover by Acapellago

Meanwhile in the Philippines, this children song titled "Tatlong Bibe" or "Three Ducks" took rounds in the social media for days and it is getting viral already.

I don't know what makes it so addictive to listen to but it is just there getting a bunch of likes and shares on Facebook. So much so, there already emerged dance and song covers of it.

tatlong bibe a cappella cover by acapellago

For one, there is the Acapellago, a Filipino contemporary a cappella group based in Bulacan.

Founded in 2012, Acapellago goes with the noble intention to help in spreading "contemporary a cappella music to the Philippine archipelago and to the whole world." (Group's FB Page)

Watch a cappella cover of "Tatlong Bibe" by Acapellago:

Lyrics of "Tatlong Bibe" (Three Ducks):
May tatlong Bibe akong nakitaMataba, mapayat mga bibeNgunit ang may pakpak
Sa likod na iisaSiya ang lider na nagsabi ngKwak, kwak, kwak.
Tayo na sa ilog ang sabiKumending ng kumendingAng mga bibeNgunit ang may pakpakSa likod na iisaSiya ang lider na nagsabi ngKwak, kwak, kwak. 
I saw three ducks,
A fat duck, a thin duck,
But the winged-
back one
He's the leader who says,
Quack, quack, quack.
Let's go to the lake, say
The ducks
Waddle, waddle
But the winged-
back one
He's the leader who says,
Quack, quack, quack.
Acapellago is a 5-members band. They are Michelle Pascual, Almond Bolante, Joshua Cadelina, Avin Laderas, and Ron Laderas.

This group is proud to have the following awards:

1. Akapela Open 2013 Grand Champion

2. A Cappella Championships 2015 Singapore Grand Champion (International Category)

3. Akapela Open 2015 Grand Champion

4. 8th Ani Ng Dangal Awardee for Music

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Source: Acapellago, Mama Lisa, YouTube

Thursday, May 5, 2016

He Took Law School While Working as 'Sikyu', Now He is a Lawyer

This one of a kind security guard from the La Trinidad, Benguet province has just become a lawyer!

Congratulations Attorney Roy Lawagan! Your efforts, patience and perseverance really paid well.

Mr. Roy Lawagan, now a lawyer passed the 2015 bar exams while attending to his daytime job as a security guard at the Commission on Audit office in La Trinidad, Benguet.

He took night classes on his first year at law school just to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer.

Roy Lawagan sikyu lawyer

Things did not go easy for Roy. At first, it was tiring. His wife was even pregnant with their daughter who is now 4 years old.

He did not pass the 2014 bar exam despite having enrolled in a bar review center. The second time around, he decided to conduct the review on his own.

Just before his 27th birthday, Lawagan received one precious gift - his passing the bar exams.

Roy Lawagan took the exam in November last year. His name is now in the 2015 bar exam results that was released earlier by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

You are indeed an inspiration to look up to Roy! You deserve the blessings that you have just gotten. Enjoy it and may you serve the country and your fellowmen with the genuine intention to help and protect within the bounds of the law.

"Sikyu" or "Sekyu" is a Tagalog language slang which means "Security Guard".

La Trinidad is a first class municipality in the provice of Benguet, Philippines.

Source: Urban Dictionary, Inquirer