Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This 'Carrot Man' From The Philippines is Taking The Internet by Storm

This guy from the Mountain Province, Philippines dubbed as the "Carrot Man" went viral on social media this weekend after Facebook user Edwina T. Bandong posted his photos online.

The latter took snaps while on her way to Sagada - a municipality and tourist spot in the province of Mountain Province, Philippines, which is also famous for its hanging coffins.

Carrot man is just a quick concoction to sort of identify the good looking man from the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) of the country. Moreover, it would be safe to assume that it is not in any way demeaning or something negative to that effect. It just so happened that the guy was caught on photographs doing his usual task of the day - carrying carrots, most likely his family's business and way of living.

carrot man photos - Jeyrick Sigmaton main

Bandong shared the photos of the handsome guy for "everyone to adore", as how The Summit Express wrote it. According to information from Facebook, the talk of the town and trending "Carrot Man" is Mr. Jeyrick Sigmaton on the Internet. He belongs to the Igorot tribe from Kadacklan, Mt. Province.

The buzz on Sigmaton spread like wildfire. Netizens admired him for his good looks. Some even said, not all "gwapo(s)" (handsome) are in the show business industry. He is being likened to local and international celebrities as well.

The photos of Sigmaton are no doubt within the viral zone as of this very moment. It keeps on getting a ton of likes, shares, and even features on social media pages and blogs.

Yesterday, Facebook page "Positive Outlook Plus" posted about Sigmaton bearing the caption:
Overly photogenic "Carrot Man" is breaking the social media viral scene.
Edwina T. Bandong shared these photos on her Facebook profile. Based on her story, she saw this heartthrob while she was heading towards Sagada (Bauko, Monamon Sur Mountain Province.) Captivated, she took some shots for everyone to admire
Because of this one-of-a-kind commotion, others praised Bandong for her "stunningly captivating fruit of photography", posted Ameera Hydz Quaker.

The photos of Jeyrick a.k.a Carrot Man, as posted by Edwina T. Bandong:

carrot man Jeyrick Sigmaton

carrot man Jeyrick Sigmaton

carrot man Jeyrick Sigmaton

carrot man Jeyrick Sigmaton

Do you think Sigmaton has what it takes to be considered in the Philippine's showbiz domain? Why not?

Igorots have got quite a lot of enthusiasts in the field of arts. For one, there is Eduard Folayang of Team Lakay - a Filipino mixed martial artist and wushu (black belter) practitioner from Baguio City, Philippines. He is signed as a lightweight fighter under ONE Championship, a mixed martial arts promotion based in Singapore and is owned / headed by Victor Cui.

Source: Edwina T. Bandong (FB), Jeyrick Sigmaton (FB), Positive Outlook Plus (FB Page), The Summit Express


This 'Carrot Man' From The Philippines is Taking The Internet by Storm
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