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Akyat-Bahay Suspect in Sauyo, Novaliches Quezon City Caught on CCTV, Identified as 'Entong'

UPDATE (March 19 at 9:35pm): On this day, an update was posted by the Akyat-Bahay victims, saying that the suspect was spotted somewhere in "Kapitan" area, calmly playing card games in a certain funeral wake.

Apparently, Baranggay Sauyo is fully aware of the bad guy and that they even know his name - "Entong".

According to the post, Baranggay Sauyo was informed about Entong's presence in the said wake but they did not act right away because the case is being handled by Barangay Tanods for the night shift.

The victims are worried about the safety of Sauyo neighborhood. While Entong is still out there roaming freely and untouched, there could be other houses and residents that are marked as targets already.
Nakakalungkot lang dahil nakita kinagabihan sa lamay at nagsusugal pa ito sa may Kapitan pero di agad inaksyonan ng Baranggay Sauyo.. Ang dahilan nila sa pang gabi pa na mga tanod naka assign. Ano na kaya silbi ng mga CCTV kahit pala ayos wala rin kwenta. Sinubukan nalang namin habulin pa at humingi sa mga kakilalang pulis ng tulong pero naka alis na tong suspect.. Nakakalungkot dahil yun parin ang suot nya ayon sa nagmagandang loob na mag inform samin at malaki posibilidad hawak pa nya mga nakuha sa amin. Haay.. frown emoticon Nakakalungkot kasi maari paring maulit sa iba itong ganito.. Kailan kaya magiging safe ang Sauyo sa mga tirador na to. Sa mga taga baranggay po ang trabaho po natin na peace and order asan na po??? Lalo na at kilala nyo itong si "Entong". Yung security ng mga residente pano na yung mga di pa nasasakop ng mga cctv nyo na minsan palpak pano na sila? Pano na yung mga nanakaw sa aming mga biktima? Ano ba pamamaraan nyo sa pag aksyon sa mga ganito? Kailangan ba may mga magpunta pang media para sikat kayo bago kayo romesponde? Kailangan ba bulabugin pa natin mga pulis para lang umaksyon tayo agad? Nakakahiya at laman ng balita itong mga nagaganap na krimen dito sa nasasakupan nyo. Magkakasunod na tila ba dedma lang kayo!.. Kakalungkot dahil pangalawa na namin to at may mukha na ang salarin pero wala rin kayo nagawa
A thief who looks in his 30s was caught on CCTV camera while carrying out his evildoing somewhere in Sauyo area, Novaliches, Quezon City.

The intrusion-cum-stealing took place last night at around 3AM. The residence was in fact located right along Don Julio Gregorio Street, fronting other houses and where tricycles pass by once in a while.

magnanakaw sa sauyo don julio gregorio novaliches

The place is well lit, which was a good thing because the video capture was very clear, hence the following screenshots of the intruder below:

akyat bahay in sauyo novaliches quezon city

akyat bahay in sauyo novaliches quezon city

thief in sauyo novaliches

thief in sauyo novaliches

According to the initial assessment of the residents, the guy above was able to take away at least four (4) cellphone phones plus some cash.

As per the victims' story, the thief climbed up their terrace of the house to get inside and take away the said belongings.

He even forgot or maybe intentionally left the following items - a cigarette lighter and mobile phone with broken LCD, which are now taken as evidences just in case a future apprehension happens.

thief in sauyo novaliches evidence

The suspect is still at large but the incident is already on a blotter filed at the nearby local police or Barangay station.

Perhaps it is more than high time for the local government of Quezon City to tighten its security measures specially in the areas like Novaliches. According to several barangay reports, similar cases have been happening in the vicinity of Sauyo. Thieves have been very aggressive in entering houses to steal valuable items.

Installing sufficient number of CCTV cameras will definitely help in catching those thieves roaming around during the wee hours trying to find their potential targets.

Don Julio Gregorio Street in "Lower Sauyo" is very close to Bagbag public market which is surrounded by thick clusters of informal settlers.

The said street connects to Quirino Highway and "Old Sauyo Road".

Please spread this news so that the suspect can be brought to the hands of the proper authorities.

Source: Facebook, Brgy. Sauyo CCTV Files


Akyat-Bahay Suspect in Sauyo, Novaliches Quezon City Caught on CCTV, Identified as 'Entong'
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