Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jeric Raval 'Found Dead in His Condo' Hoax Circulates Online

Filipino action star Jeric Raval succumbed to a social media hoax, wherein he is said to be found dead inside his condominium. The death hoax is also being spread throughout Facebook pages in the past hours or so.

"Rest in Peace Jeric Raval" phrase maybe roaming around Facebook groups at the moment, but until official news outlets post relevant article, do not try to click any link that you may see being passed around by your Facebook friends.

Jeric Raval cause of death

You could be dragged into a phishing site where your personal information and privacy could be put to a compromise. Worse, your computer could be infected by a virus.

The hoax could be on Twitter as well, so be warned!

Jeric Raval is a 90s actor. He was born on September 30, 1970. He is well-known for his trademark leather jacket and shiny leather pants, which can be seen in his movies back then.

Raval is an action star. He has been in several Philippine action movies from 1990's to the early years of 2000.

Some of his movies are the following:

  1. Anghel dela Guardia
  2. Barkada walang atrasan
  3. Eksperto sa Laban
  4. Victor Meneses: Dugong Palaban
  5. Pistolero
  6. Lapu Lapu
  7. Nagmula Sa Lupa
  8. Bala ko ang bahala sa iyo
  9. Tubog sa Apoy
  10. Sagot ko na ang buhay mo
  11. Estribo Gang (The Jinggoy Sese Story)
  12. Bunso: Isinilang Kang Palaban

If you try to Google search "Jeric Raval Dead", a phrase "Jeric Raval cause of death" will prompt up in the search suggestion box. Perhaps, netizens' became curious of the malicious issue since the hoax surfaced online.

This phenomenon has been happening for quite sometime already. A lot of celebrities, foreign and local alike had become victims of it.


Jeric Raval 'Found Dead in His Condo' Hoax Circulates Online
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